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Bags on the Hermès Fall/Winter 2019 Runway

As the models strolled the Hermès Paris runway for Fall/Winter 2019, our eyes were out to spy the bags. Interestingly, and per our note on BopTalk, this show was without Birkins and Kellys, except, of course, for those likely in the audience.  So what will be out next fall?  Let&#8217;s take a closer PurseBop look <a href="">Replica Handbags</a>

Is it a belt bag? A belt? Or a wallet? There&#8217;s been plenty of discussion on social media. Regardless, it was THE accessory that caught our eye. Picture a Constance compact wallet in smooth black or brown barenia leather on a leather belt. Indeed, Hermès described it that way. However, we have never seen a Constance wallet that could be attached to a belt. It sure looks like a belt bag. And given the PurseBop community reaction on social media, we all are hoping it is indeed a Constance belt <a href=""></a>
Think of it as the new kid in school with a pretty, slightly exotic name. Simone. Hermès says this model is inspired by school books. Handheld like an old-fashioned book strap, she arrived in black, saddle and navy leather .
Also shown was what looks like a version of the Verrou. The locking mechanism is similar, but centered, unlike the off-center closure on the classic Verrou. Moreover, this new style has a slightly different shape from what is now on the Hermès website. The base is more triangular with an accordion twist. Interestingly, models carried this bag (and the Constance) in their hands despite the presence of a long strap. Perhaps this is the new mode-à-porter for Fall.
What do you think? Did the Fall/Winter 2019 bag collection live up to your expections?  Or will you skip it? Let us know.

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