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Chanel Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed from Spring/Summer 2019

Remember that time Chanel recreated a beach in the Grand Palais?

Chanel runways never disappoint, and the Spring/Summer 2019 show back in October wasn’t an exception to this fact. But wait…that was last fall. Why should we care now?

Well, spring officially arrives in five days, which means it&#8217;s finally time to get our hands on pieces from that collection. Instead of focusing on what we usually would (the bags, surprise), let&#8217;s take a brief glance at some of the other Chanel accessories from the collection—specifically the ones that are a but, um, out there. Ready for some weird Chanel fun <a href=""></a>?
The first rogue &#8220;accessory&#8221; from the collection? A skateboard. We have to say we were a little shocked—while Chanel does love to surprise us every now and then, it&#8217;s a bit jarring to see a Skateboard in the same collection as Flaps and tweed. That said, Louis Vuitton certainly pulled it off with its LV x Supreme skateboards (read: Streetwear Louis Vuitton: LV x Supreme), so it&#8217;s not like this is entirely unprecedented.

It&#8217;s worthing noting that the price is high, indeed far steeper than most Chanel bags. At $7,700, would you rather buy two mini Classic Flaps, or a skateboard <a href="">Replica Bags</a>
Even more fitting for the beach-themed show? A surfboard. Aluminum, glass, and polyurethane combine to form a stunningly simple piece of branded art.

If you&#8217;ve been following Chanel&#8217;s kookier designs for a while, you may have noticed that the brand already released surfboards in 2010 and 2015. They quickly became collectors&#8217; pieces, fetching high prices on the secondary market at auction. Hence the return, perhaps.
Would you showcase either of these pieces in your home? Or do you turn your nose up at such &#8220;accessories&#8221;? Let us know what you think of Chanel&#8217;s cheekier designs below!

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